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Blood Moon Rite.

To open and dedicate oneself to the exploration of the primal power of menstruation.

Pre-Ritual Preparation:  

Spend some time with the moon.  Sit or stand comfortably, feel your crown opening to receive her reflection. Feel her pull upon the earth, her effects on the tides of our oceans, her effects on our bodies waters, our blood.  Feel the energy come down through the crown to the parts of the brain that signal the glands that send out the hormones to begin the cycle of our menstruation. Bring the energy of the moon down to the glands, then down to the ovaries, through the fallopian tubes, down through the uterus, down through the cervix, through the vagina and out through the vulva. Call down the moon through this passage way and then down the insides of your legs to reach the ground if you are standing or straight to the ground if you are sitting.  

Once it reaches the ground feel it soak into the earth.  Let this channel flow for at least 10 mins feeling your self being washed by the radiance of the moon, during that time ask with your heart to know your part in this blood coven.  Once you feel completed, bring your awareness back into your body, wiggle toes etc.  Then record on your experiences, any feelings, sensations, knowings, imagery, idea's, anything that felt moon inspired, anything at all.

Ritual Requirements:

  • Each woman will need some of her own menstrual blood. (Use a cloth pad or what ever, as you wont need much, just as much as you can, if you don't choose to work with your blood, gether some of the mothers blood instead, go out into nature and find some water flowing naturally ie. a river, a chalice collecting the rain, a spring).  
  • A large thick red candle and an appropriate candle holder for altar as main Blood Candle, plus a smaller red candle and holder for each woman.
  • A measure of Henna (preparation of henna can usually be found included with the powder) in a large earthen bowl upon altar)
  • A small paintbrush for each woman
  • Each woman will require a small appropriately ornate bowl,  and a delicate small spoon (both to be used only for this purpose)
  • A shawl for each participant, black preferably, however if you have a cloak this is ok (as these Rites are generally done skyclad this is to keep you from freezing! - of course if you choose to work robed you will need your robe but painting on the Henna will require a little more ingenuity!)
  • Each woman needs to bring her writings from the pre-ritual preparations.
  • A plate of food and something to drink to share with the other Coveners (placed upon the altar for blessing) or cakes and ale (if your prefer to be a more traditional Wiccan)

Notes: Bathe prior before beginning,  do not eat before ritual,

Ritual Preparation:
Cast circle; (or create your sacred sp[ace as is appropriate for you)

The Goddess we call for this rite will be Morrigan - Dark Mother, Dark Moon Goddess; Goddess of Souls, Patroness of Wytches; the hidden female principle of the universe; Her sacred bird is the raven.

At this point if you are sharing your rite with another woman, you may care to share your pre-ritual preparation outcomes, read out and discuss your experiences (if you are participating in a soliatary Rite you may wish to write down further information on your experiences, thoughts and emotions)

Chant the following: (the Moon part of the "River is flowing") thus:

The moon she is waxing, waning and waxing, waiting to be free.  
Sister, walk with me your friend I will always be
The River is flowing, flowing and growing down to the sea,
Mother, carry me your child I will always be
We will be free, Free in my heart  Freedom in my soul   
Grandmother walk with me till we are free.

Repeat this until you feel charged with power of the Dark Mother

(Please Note: the following Rite has been written as a group Ritual and may need to be adapted for soliatries)


High Priestess:   

When we are born woman we experience the bleed.
We are given by the Mother, a small taste of Her power, given to weave.
Chant with me as we build this symbol of our power to take us back to the Mother.

High Priestess lights the Altar Blood Candle.


Blood and Earth
Open to us
Power at Birth
Return to us

Each woman moves up to the Altar in turn, taking the blood she has brought with her (or water) she places it in her small dish in her left hand and use her spoon to collect some henna powder to add to the fluid with her right. She then returns to her place in the circle and the next woman approaches, lastly the High Priestess.

After all the women have collected their henna, and have rejoined the circle,  the coveners begin to mix the blood and henna - gently, sacredly, and with the intent - that this brew is to connect each participant from the moon through the body to the earth.  

Each participant holds the mixed bowl towards the moon and chant the following:

May my blood be your blood
May your blood be mine.  
(over and over again to induce a trance)

Once all participants are heady with trance, taking the wand/paint brush in the right hand open yourselves to the Mother with a spiral, painted with your blood and henna, over your heart. (this we do to ourselves)

Then turning to your sister next to you, paint upon each others third eye (with your own blood mix!), the symbol of the cresent moon to open your selves to her knowing. (this we do in pairs)

Note: Henna is a dye and therefore stains!!! If you have an important busness meeting or a meeting with your schools headmaster, the next day you may wish to forgo painting with henna and just use straight blood so as to not have a red stain on your skin.

The the group sings one more chant...

Mother I feel you under my feet.
Mother I feel your heart beat.
Heya heya heya heya heya heya Ho
Heya heya heya heya heya heya Ho
Mother I feel you under my skin
Mother I feel you deep within
Heya heya heya heya heya heya Ho
Heya heya heya heya heya heya Ho

Allow yourself to experience the power flowing through you, absorb it, own it, love it - then release it thanking the Dark Mother for her protection and power. Then ground... Hands and even heads to the ground if required...

Then... bless the food and wine (or follow with the Cakes and Ale ceremony).  By the sharing of food and drink we take of her, the Mother, into us...and we share of her with each other... May you never hunger, may you never mote it be!

Then we open the circle, feast and celebrate...

Desired outcome:

To begin feeling our journey of being totally connected to the moon and earth... to the relationship between us all. To open to the ancient women's magick of the bleed.

Follow up from this ritual:

During the time between this dark moon and the next repeat the painting on of the spiral upon your heart while chanting the "May my blood be your blood May your blood be mine."   You may also paint upon your third eye, but as this will be with the blood/henna mix we make this night, please note it will stain, so you may choose only the heart.  Do this just before bed, and record if you can any dreaming day or night, pay particular attention to your bleed time, that you have so as to share with the group next dark.

Blessed Bleed!


Terra Sphere Coven Book of Shadows (Adapted by Lady Rohanna from 'Blood Ritual for the Dark Moon' , August 1998.